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The Best Dining Experience In Houston – Brazilian Delights Packed With Flavor

Like most modern barbecue restaurants from Brazil, our all-you-can-eat steakhouse offers a fixed price below thirty dollars for its meat cooked on racks in tailor-made metal rotisserie grills with charcoal. The items on our menu for this churrascaria have been hand-picked by the owner – a veteran foodie.

What Is “Picanha”?

What goes better with the perfect red wine or a cold beer on a warm day better than a steak? The answer is a Brazilian picanha (pronounced "pee-kahn-ya".) This cut of beef comes from the very top of the hindquarters. It is triangular in shape and surrounded by a fat cap. This muscle is not overused, making it juicy and tender after it is cooked.

Are you are ordering a picanha in your preferred style? It can be requested as “mal passado” (rare), “a ponto para mal” (medium rare), “a ponto” (medium), “a ponto para bem” (medium well done), and “bem passado” (well done).

The Tip Of The Iceberg

Everything in a Brazilian restaurant doesn’t always revolve around picanha and fraldinha. Notice the filet mignon with bacon on our menu. It is the emperor of steaks in the world of Brazilian barbecue. This delicacy is known for its lack of tenderness and fat, but with our expert churrascaria chef, it turns out exquisitely scrumptious.

In general, Brazilian beef will taste different from Texan beef because it is grass-fed, slaughtered later, less tender, and has a stronger taste that might take a couple or more meals to start liking. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options to choose from while the gauchos take rounds of your table patiently offering more cuts and slices.

One of our highly recommended dishes is pork loin with parmesan cheese. It’s a pork cut that everyone should taste. The loin dressed in parmesan cheese is sliced into slabs for the skewer. As with our beef, it’s simply the best cuts that are grilled – the pork is as juicy and tender as our high-end beef cuts.

Angus’ Bespoke Meat Cuts For Houston

We have had old clients come back to us and say they tried cooking their beef or pork like us but the results were nothing worth mentioning. A part of the treat for them is the best dining experience in Houston with terms like ‘churrasco’ or ‘rodizio,’ in the waves of conversation. The tasteful grilled dishes cooked with charcoal embers in our special metal rotisserie grills for all-you-can-eat restaurant guests embed a signature flavor in all our grilled dishes.


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