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A Gastronomical Brazilian Experience – The Steakhouse for Foodies and Families

What’s better than a delicious steak and some beer after the Texans win an NFL match? Well, consider a Brazilian steakhouse or Churrascaria for the most delicious and biggest portions of steak in this part of Texas. You’ve heard about the country with the largest section of the Amazon forest, they are also famous for martial arts and steaks. Before you decide on shortlisting the top steakhouses in Houston, give some serious consideration to Angus Grill. We offer an unlimited quantity of the finest cuts served at your table piping hot. If you are familiar with this style of service, our top chef is an authentic Brazilian wizard at getting the cuisine just right.

The Demoraes’ dream for Houston

Since 2009, we have screened the best candidates to work as sous chefs and helpers (gauchos) across the restaurant floor. Some of our staff are now specialists at serving Brazilian cuisine for a gastronomic adventure like never before. Airton Demoraes and his brother discussed the plan for Angus Grill for many months before deciding on this wise investment. Everything from the 12 different cuts of meat to the Brazilian Rice and options for dessert was carefully planned to perfect the authentic ‘Brazilian experience.’ The restaurant offers a comfortable ambiance to enjoy your meal and our professional service without any hiccups.

Slow-cooked to perfection

There are two Spanish words you need to know – Picanha and Fraldinha when asking for the best at Angus Grill. These are top sirloin and bottom sirloin handcrafted to perfection with fresh meat. If you can’t think of navigating the traffic in the city for these, we are also one of the top delivery steakhouses open in Houston.

We are customer-centric, which means surpassing the expectations of the top foodies in Texas. If we can achieve that, then all other requirements and needs of our diners will fall into place. Our restaurant’s ambiance and décor are planned in a way to give customers an authentic feel of Brasilia.

High on integrity

We have a lot to thank Houston for including all our loyal customers planning their meals and special events at our Steakhouse. Their honest reviews and feedback have helped us become one of the esteemed top steakhouses in Houston. Surpassing customer expectations has become second nature for Airton and his team. When you think of “Churrascaria,” we are always ready with the freshest meat cuts and natural ingredients to make your Picanha or Fraldinha an otherworldly meal.


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