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A popular Brazilian steakhouse is heading into Houston

Straight out of Brazil comes a steakhouse like no other. It brings with it the unique Brazilian flavours anyone would love. Are you a lover of steak? Then you are in for a treat.

Taking a stroll down Westheimer road, it’s hard to miss the Brazilian steakhouse that just opened its doors to visitors. While lovers of steak have come in droves to have a taste of what the Brazilian style has to offer, steak first-timers are looking forward to a memorable experience.

The popular Brazilian steakhouse or Picanha steakhouse, as some would say, offers a great ambience to welcome its visitors. Lights, music and a dining setting that fills every visitor with delight. Whether you are coming alone, with a date or with friends and family, the steakhouse offers a fine dining experience you won’t forget easily. Also, its Brazilian style makes you curious and eager to try its dishes.

Speaking about dishes, the steakhouse offers steak made in the Brazilian style. Have you had steak in the past? This is something different from the regular steak you get. Seasoned and cooked to perfection, the steaks here are tender and delicious to deliver a wonderful explosion of flavours to your palate.

Also, there are varieties of steaks for you to pick from on the Brazilian menu. Some of these include chicken breast, port sausages, picanha, filet mignon, bottom sirloin and many more.

To accompany these steaks, the Picanha steakhouse offers numerous side dishes to diversify your flavours and guarantee an overall fine dining experience. Some of the side dishes you can order include Brazilian black beans, Brazilian rice, homemade mashed potato and salads. If you are one for salads, you can have tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cucumbers and other varieties.

Who doesn’t love a good deal of steak and wine to go with it? After a good deal of steak, sauce and side dishes, visitors can enjoy the drinks available at the Brazilian bar. Juices, beers, wines and many more for anyone to choose from. A steak bite, glass cups clinking and a merry cheer to end a memorable day at the steakhouse.

Also, you can have steak delivered to your location using the option for food delivery in Houston Tx. All you have to do is place an order and choose the food delivery in Houston TX as the service option. Cheers to the steak bites you get to enjoy in the comfort of your home.


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