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How to Order a Steak at a Meat Restaurant

Dining in a steakhouse can be very intimidating, mostly because of the elegance and tradition of most meat restaurants. This experience can be very challenging if you don’t know how to properly order a steak or if it’s not something you eat very often.

When you plan on visiting an elite Galleria steak house, there are important things you need to learn, like the different steak cuts and the different ways it’s cooked. With these few tips, you can order the best steak at any meat restaurant in Houston.

Learn the different cuts

This is the first step to help you order a steak when you’re in a steak house. Understanding the different cuts helps you understand why filet mignon is highly considered and what to expect at a Picanha Steak House. There are many different types of steak, but some of the most popular ones are filet mignon (also called beef tenderloin), rib-eye (made of fat and lots of flavor), flat iron steak (from the chuck and has a good amount of fat), Sirloin (lot more fat and flavor), T-bone and Porterhouse (tenderloin and strip loin around the T-bone).

How do you like it cooked

This is probably the most important thing to understand before trying out any steak. In several steak houses, the waiter asks how you like your steak cooked. You have about four answer choices which are:

  • Rare: Cooked on the outside and still partially raw on the inside.

  • Medium: Outside is a bit more thoroughly cooked and the inside is cooked but still red.

  • Well done: The outside of this is charred, and the inside is completely cooked, not red, and no juices.

  • Medium Rare: This is a popular choice; it gives you the best of both medium and rare steak. The inside is mostly pink with a bit of red in the middle.

Try many different types of beef

The only way to know which type of steak you prefer is to sample them all. Don’t be afraid to try the different types of cuts and even a rare steak. Also, don’t let people’s opinions prevent you from getting a well-done steak.

You may or may not add a sauce

Adding a sauce to your steak is left to you. Some people prefer it with a steak, while some want to enjoy the flavor of just the beef. You’ll have to make that decision.


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