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How To Cook Picanha Steak With Originial Brazilian Taste?

To prepare picanha steak to produce the original Brazilian flavor, there are some key features that one needs to learn and understand about the cultural aspect of this cut of meat. Picanha, famous for its rich taste and pleasant tenderness, is one of the most beloved kinds of meat for barbecuing in Brazil.

In this blog, we take you deep into the various aspects of how to cook picanha steak and the cultural significance of this special cut of beef in Brazil and its barbecue culture. Come with us and explore the tips on how to cook picanha steak in a way that will remind you of true Brazilian flavor and zest.

Let's Take a Look at How to Make Delicious Picanha Steaks!

Grilling picanha steak with authentic Brazilian flavor means going back to basics and truly enjoying this delicately prized piece of meat. Hailing from Brazil, picanha is known for its succulent core and rich taste, thus having a unique position in churrasco-style grilling. Here is a process on how to cook picanha steak

  • Preparation: The first step is to bring out the fat cap of picanha by using a knife to shave some of the meat. Season them with lots of coarse salt, also used in the preparation of Brazilian barbecue.

  • Grilling Method: Traditionally, in Brazil, picanha is prepared over an open charcoal grill. To get a good crust on the fat cap, cook it on high heat; for the rest of the meat, use medium heat. It makes the outside crispy while making the inside moist at the same time.

  • Cooking to Perfection: Cook picanha on the grill to ultimately get the meat to a medium-rare to medium doneness. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then carve it into thin slices in the direction of the grain.

  • Serving Suggestions: Enjoy picanha with side dishes that enhance its delicious taste, such as farofa, chimichurri sauce, rice, beans, and fresh salad.

  • Cultural Context: Examine the culture of picanha within the Brazilian dietary landscape, especially in relation to churrascos—barbecues that promote togetherness and the craft of roasting.

These are the steps that can teach you how to cook picanha steak according to the original Brazilian recipe and enjoy the fruits of your labor—a delicious dish that repeats the gastronomic tastes of Brazil’s barbeque tradition.


Mastering the art of how to cook picanha steak with the original Brazilian flavor, it is pertinent to appreciate the background of this dish and cook it with traditional barbecue methods. If you pay respect to the unique taste, the melt in your mouth texture, and nature specific methods of preparing this exotic dish below, then you will be able to capture Brazil’s ambience in your kitchen.

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