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Brazil is a Latin giant that boasts far more than picturesque beaches and lush jungles… It is a haven for wildlife, colonial villages, eclectic restaurants, and pulsating nightlife. It’s also famous worldwide for two more things these days – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the gaucho cuisine of Rio Grande do Sul that began its rise to fame in the 1800s.
Airton Demoraes is a top Brazilian chef and entrepreneur whom Houston inspired to open his all-you-can-eat steakhouse (churrascaria). With assistance from his brother, Juarez, his dream was fulfilled in 2009 when he first opened the doors of the Angus Grill Brazilian Steakhouse in Houston, Texas. 
The style of serving food here is in the rodizio style. Our Brazilian cowboys will serve you slowly and delicately grilled, flavorful meat at your table, which is falling off the bone. Notice the filet mignon with bacon on our menu. It is the emperor of steaks in the world of Brazilian barbecue. This delicacy is known for its lack of tenderness and fat, but with our expert churrascaria chef, it turns out exquisitely scrumptious. Poultry is the most popular meat in Brazil, and you must try Angus’ version of Peito de Frango, Coxa de Frango, and Coracao.

Anybody that wants to pamper their taste buds and fill their bellies with heart-warming food, should visit our steakhouse. The house special is ‘Picanha’ (pronounced "pee-kahn-ya".) This cut of beef comes from the very top of the hindquarters. It is triangular in shape and surrounded by a fat cap. This muscle is not overused, making it juicy and tender after it is cooked. Are you are ordering a Picanha in your preferred style? It can be requested as “mal passado” (rare), “a ponto para mal” (medium rare), “a ponto” (medium), “a ponto para bem” (medium well done), and “bem passado” (well done). 

All the 12 cuts of meat we serve come straight from the specialized metal rotisserie grills with charcoal embers to your plate piping hot! The gauchos, some centuries ago, would cook their food in a pit filled with wood embers. The restaurant is a modern twist on this style of preparing Brazilian gaucho food.

The Angus Grill Brazilian Steakhouse in Houston, Texas, is on a mission to take foodies and families on an other-worldly gastronomical trip to Brazil. It starts with the beef carved by experts from Brazilian cattle, which was grass-fed, slaughtered later, less tender, and has a stronger taste than the local meat. Experience this tasteful trip…

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